External Aluminium Doors

Discover Aluminium Single Doors: elegant black external aluminium doors perfect for residential and commercial spaces.
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For Residential or Commercial Spaces

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Max sash width 900mm

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Elevate your property's aesthetic with our range of aluminium external single doors. Meticulously crafted to offer style and functionality, these doors are the perfect addition to any modern or traditional building.

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Crittall Style Doors: A Touch of Timeless Sophistication

Our external aluminium Crittall style doors are a nod to classic design with a contemporary twist. These doors feature slender frames and large glass panes, reminiscent of the iconic Crittall style but with the added benefits of modern aluminium construction. This blend of old and new is ideal for those seeking to add character and charm to their property.

Durability Meets Design

Constructed from high-quality aluminium, our external doors are visually appealing and incredibly durable. Resistant to weathering and corrosion, these doors are built to last, ensuring your home or office remains secure and insulated against the elements.

Maximise Natural Light with Our Aluminium Glass Doors

Invite natural light into your space with our external aluminium glass doors. The expansive glass panes enhance your property's visual appeal and create a bright and welcoming environment. These doors are perfect for those looking to maximise their outdoor views while maintaining privacy and security.

Benefits of Aluminium External Doors

  • Elegant Slim Sightlines
  • Versatile Glazing Options
  • Advanced Security Features
  • Superior Thermal Performance
  • Aesthetic Customisation
  • 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Heritage and Art Deco Hardware Options

Invest in Quality with Our Aluminium External Doors

Whether you're renovating an existing property or embarking on a new build, our aluminium external doors are an investment in quality, style, and durability. Experience the perfect blend of design and functionality with our range of external aluminium doors. Contact us for a quote or for more information today.

Aluminium Single External Doors FAQs

What Type of Glass is used in External Aluminium Doors?
Our external aluminium doors are fitted with double-glazed glass panels. The high-quality glass is specifically chosen for its durability, safety, and clarity. The double-glazing units offer excellent thermal efficiency while adding superior style to your home.
What Colour Options Are Available?
Our aluminium doors offer a range of elegant and contemporary colour options. You can choose from the modern and sophisticated Black (RAL9005M), the versatile and stylish Standard Anthracite (RAL7016), or the classic and timeless White. Each colour is applied using a marine-quality polyester powder coat to ensure a durable and fade-resistant finish, perfectly complementing your property's aesthetic.
What is the Threshold Design of the Doors?
Our external aluminium doors are designed with a seamless threshold, allowing them to be installed directly onto the finished floor level. It enhances the aesthetic appeal by creating a clean and unobstructed transition but also improves accessibility by eliminating potential trip hazards. It ensures smooth and effortless movement between indoor and outdoor spaces.
How are the Doors Delivered and What is Included?
Your aluminium doors arrive ready for installation, fully assembled within the outer frame for ease and efficiency. We pre-install the handles to ensure a quick and seamless setup. To protect the integrity of the glass during transit, it is packaged separately and is easily fitted into your new door upon arrival.
Do You Offer Installation Services for the Doors?
Yes, we have several teams of highly experienced fitters who can professionally install our doors in your home. Our expert fitters have the knowledge and tools to ensure a perfect fit, providing hassle-free and precise installation service.
Is There a Showroom Where I Can View Your Products?
We welcome you to visit our showroom to explore our range of external aluminium doors. Our showroom is open six days a week, allowing you to experience our products firsthand.

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