Internal Single Doors

Discover Aluminium Single Doors: elegant black internal aluminium doors perfect for residential and commercial spaces.
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An Extensive Choice of Colours

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Clear, Classic or Modern

For Residential or Commercial Spaces

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Max width 900mm
Min width 400 mm
Max height 2200mm
Max weight 60kg

Upgrade your home or commercial space with our AluSpace Aluminium Single Doors, offering a perfect combination of style and functionality. Whether you are building a new extension or revitalising existing spaces, our black internal aluminium glass doors provide a sleek, minimalist design that enhances connectivity and openness. These doors' slimline frames and glazed panels allow ample light to flow through, creating well-lit, productive environments.

Single black aluminium door.

Versatile Design for Every Setting

Our range of internal aluminium doors is designed to cater to diverse needs. Whether you prefer the classic charm of hinged doors, the modern appeal of sliding doors, or the innovative functionality of pivot doors, we have options to suit every preference. These doors can be seamlessly integrated into doorways or used as part of our internal screening systems , offering flexibility in design and application.

A Palette of Colours and Glass Options

Choose from an extensive array of colours to match your design theme. Our black internal aluminium doors come in various finishes, including clear, classic, and modern glass options, making them suitable for residential and commercial spaces. With a maximum width of 900mm, a minimum width of 400mm, and a maximum height of 2200mm, our doors can accommodate various spaces while supporting a maximum weight of 60kg.

The Beauty of Aluminium and Glass

Updating standard doors with our beautifully crafted aluminium internal doors is an excellent way to enhance your home's aesthetic. The combination of aluminium and glass in our doors adds an industrial chic to your living room and ensures durability and longevity. The clear glass options allow natural light to permeate, brightening up any area and creating a sense of spaciousness.

Ideal for Commercial Spaces

Our black internal aluminium glass doors transform work areas into more open, interconnected spaces in commercial settings. The Crittall-style design of these doors adds a professional touch while ensuring that each office and work area feels part of a cohesive whole. The result is a more inviting and productive workspace that benefits everyone.

Discover the AluSpace Difference

Experience the quality and elegance of AluSpace Aluminium Single Doors. Our doors not only enhance the beauty of your space but also provide practical solutions tailored to your needs. Contact us for a quote and to explore the possibilities and elevate your interiors with our stunning range of aluminium internal doors.

What are the Benefits of Internal Aluminium Doors?

Durability and Longevity
Aluminium is known for its strength and resistance to the elements, ensuring that the doors last for many years without deteriorating.
Low Maintenance
Unlike wood, aluminium doesn't require frequent painting or varnishing to maintain its appearance.
Aesthetic Appeal
Aluminium doors come in various finishes and styles, including the popular black internal aluminium doors, which add a sleek, contemporary look to any space.
Light Maximisation
Thanks to their ability to support large glass panels, these doors allow ample natural light, creating a more open and airy atmosphere.
Energy Efficiency
Aluminium doors often come with thermal breaks and effective sealing, which can help improve insulation and reduce energy costs.
Environmentally Friendly
Aluminium is recyclable, making these doors a more sustainable choice.
Suitable for various settings, from modern residential spaces to professional commercial environments.
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